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Blackout's Backpacks

This mod adds Backpacks to Minecraft!
Adds Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite and Ender Backpacks.
If Chaos Awakens is installed Emerald, Amethyst and Ruby Backpacks.

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FAQ and Updates


1.16.5 - v1.1.0

- Fixed bug causing Backpacks to be opened twice before being updated. Their size is now upgraded upon the first opening after being upgraded instead of the second opening.

- Backpacks can no longer be placed in the other backpacks.

1.16.5 - v1.0.0

- Mod Release.
- Adds 9 backpacks. 7 Vanilla Backpacks and 2 require the Chaos Awakens mod.



Can I suggest a feature?
You can suggest a feature on my Discord.
Can I use this mod in my mod pack?
Yes, just link to this page and give me a heads up!
Can I do a mod review on it?
I mean it is just Backpacks but sure.
Will more backpacks be added?
Probably not.
What mods are supported?
- Vanilla Minecraft
- Chaos Awakens



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