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This is intended to be a simple, straightforward mod. I've always wanted more food in Minecraft, but without being overwhelmed with new crops, drops, and inedible in-betweens. Bird's Foods currently adds over 250 new items, all of which are edible and all of which are craftable through vanilla means.

I tried to make the recipes as vanilla-balanced and logical as possible, while adding small bonuses to make food more than just a way of keeping your hunger bar filled. Plus, who doesn't love good food.



Releasing updates for the latest versions of Minecraft will always be my priority. Older versions will be updated if and when I have time.


Forge required



MinecraftForum.net Thread



A variety of foods, including:

  • Soups, Stews, and Pies
  • Sandwiches, Burgers, and Tacos
  • Curries, Noodles, and Pastas
  • Juices, Teas, and alcoholic drinks
  • Desserts
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options
  • and numerous miscellaneous foods

Certain foods also have bonus effects:

  • If a food is good enough - such as if it restores enough hunger or is an end-of-chain recipe - it may be a Quality food, which will give you a temporary 4 heart health boost. Certain legendary foods may give even more bonuses.
  • They might make you woozy for a bit, but every alcoholic beverage includes a buff, such as Regeneration or Haste.
  • Certain foods, like milk bottles, tea, and a few others, are considered Palliatives. They clear potion effects when eaten just like Milk Buckets, but only negative effects, so now you can cure your poisoning without losing your fire resistance.
  • If you're feeling lucky, you can try the infamous pufferfish Fugu. It probably (probably) won't kill you, but facing death down might make you a bit tougher for a little while.
  • If you like steak tartare, try a Cannibal Sandwich. If you've got a lot of Rotten Flesh hanging around, try a REAL Cannibal Sandwich. Much less likely to poison you if it's stuck between two slices of bread!

Well Fed - A brand new effect/buff:

  • If a food tops up your hunger bar and is of good enough quality, gain the Well Fed bonus!
  • Your saturation/hunger loss will be slowed for a short time
  • There is a simple calculation running to determine whether a food is good enough - essentially, hunger filled + saturation restored must be at least 20, so you can't get the buff just from snacking on small foods
  • Only foods from this mod can provide the Well Fed buff, in order to prevent conflicts


There are too many recipes at this point to write them all out, so I recommend using JEI, NEI, or similar mods to keep track.

That said, there are a few basic rules I followed:

  • Cheese and Yogurt are frequently used, and are made by crafting Milk with Sugar or a Mushroom
  • Almost every new recipe is shapeless, unless there is a vanilla precedent or to avoid recipe conflicts
  • Sandwiches can be toasted for an added boost to hunger restored, but you can no longer add ingredients to them once you do!
  • Many basic food items can be chopped up by placing them in a crafting window, which opens up new avenues of crafting
  • Most drinks are made with one ingredient with a single empty bottle, except Bottles of Milk (which are made with a Milk Bucket or seeds+water bucket and three glass bottles) and alcoholic drinks (which require a fermented spider eye)
  • If you need to add a bit of spice, try Blaze Powder
  • Bottles of Milk and Milk Buckets can be used interchangeably in recipes, including for vanilla cake
  • Yogurt pulls extra duty as mayonnaise and sour cream. Try it in real food too!
  • Poisonous potatoes can be crafted from a potato and red mushroom, which can then replace spider eyes in the Fermented Spider Eye recipe. This makes alcohols more accessible and harm-free!

Version History


1.7.10 support added!

Quality foods give smaller buff

Tequila gives smaller buff

Fixed a few recipes in various versions



Added config options for all new food effects

Added Ore Dictionary support

Added 50+ new foods, including toasted sandwiches

Added more alternate recipes for mod foods as well as vanilla foods

Added a vegan milk recipe using seeds, a water bucket, and three bottles

Added a new Well Fed status effect as a semi-hidden mechanic. Filling up on foods above a certain quality will slow hunger loss for a short time.



Added Tooltips

Minor tweaks to alcoholic drinks




Updated to 1.12

Tweaked all alcohols to have a chance at providing a short health boost

Added quiches, hotcakes/waffles, new alcohols, new miscellaneous foods

Added alternate recipes for poisonous potatoes and fermented spider eyes

Fixed some recipe errors

Cleaned up a bit of code (but not too much, bless this mess)



Private testing/bug fixing



Fixed Sliced Beets recipe: previously conflicted with vanilla recipe, now takes two Beetroot to make four Sliced Beets



Added new alcoholic drink: Scumble

Added recipes to allow crafting of all tacos from Empty Taco state

A couple minor code changes

Should also be compatible with 1.9.4 now (but has issues with 1.9 for some reason, probably won't be fixed)



Updated for compatibility with 1.11 / 1.10.2

Added over 100 new items, new effects, etc



Baseline testing has been done on 1.10.2, 1.11.2, and 1.12, with no apparent issues. Unfortunately, I have little free time for testing these days, so if you encounter any issues, let me know here or on the thread at MinecraftForum.net


This mod should play nice with anything that doesn't use the same crafting recipes, but I'm not an expert. Feel free to use and distribute this as you wish, as long as it's credited.


Feel free to use this in modpacks, and if you do, I'd love to hear about it!