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Bionisation 3


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1.16.5 version of Bionisation 4 is released: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/bionisation-4



Bionisation 3 carries the player to the dangerous world full of different viruses and bacteria. You must to be careful and survive there. The danger can be everywhere: on earth, in the air, under water, and even in hell. At night, infected mobs get out on the surface. They can spread dangerous viruses and bacteria through air, attacks and in many other ways. Also, there is new biome - Infected Forest. This forest is full of viruses, infected water and mobs with rabies and other dangerous effects. If you get virus or bacteria, your items can be infected too, so if other player or you wear(or pick) them, you can get this effects again.

Infected Forest:







Infected mobs:





Infected Player


Herbs, machines, cures and custom viruses:

But you are not alone. There many herbs and useful ingredients that you can find in world. You can prepare cures and vaccines against viruses and bacteria in machines called Herbal Station and Vaccine Creator. Also you can clear your items from infection using Disinfector. But that's not all. You are able to create your own virus with unique set of genes. There are all potion effects, spread effects(through air, on attack, etc.), mind control effects(make all mobs peaceful, hostile, etc.), explosions, burning, mutation and more in your arsenal. Create virus that can spread through air and make all mobs peaceful and live in peace, or make them hostile and watch the chaos. For that you need to use DNA Former and Virus Replicator machines(find more information in "Genetics" part of Guide Book).


Each virus has its own DNA. But some viruses can mutate and change its DNA. You can also make your virus unpredictable by adding mutation gene.

Herbs and machines:




Virus creation:

Forming DNA

dna former

Creating Virus Sprayer with custom virus:




Immunity and blood:

Player also has Immunity and Blood. Immunity level determines the power of viruses and bacteia. The lower is your immunity level, the stronger is effects. Blood can be reduces by Bleeding, Internal bleeding, Fracture, etc. Low blood level can cause death. You can use herbs and potions to keep your immunity and blood on high level.


Dungeons and symbionts:

In the world you can find new dungeons - Abandoned Laboratory. Inside can be found machines, ingredients, gene vials, different reagents, blood vials and symbiont vials. Symbionts(from symbiont vials) can give you many positive effects and immunity against specific viruses and bacteria. 

Abandoned Laboratory:



Other things:

Bionisation 3 adds Bio armor. Bio armor can protect you from air-spread viruses, infected items and helps you to survive in Infected forest biome.

There are many other features. You can know more about mod using Bionisation 3 Guide Book. Here you can find information about mechanics, cures, viruses, bacteria and more:

guide book



  • Many different types of viruses and bacteria. DNA system;
  • Herbs, machines, cure effects and vaccine creation;
  • Possibility to make your own viruses with unique sets of genes(effects);
  • Guide Book that can help you to survive in the world;
  • Infected forest biome and Abandoned Laboratory dungeon;
  • Symbionts with positive effects, immunity and blood indicators;
  • Commands. Type /cbio info to get full list of available commands;
  • Machines will process result instantly if you are in creative mode;
  • JEI compatibility(recipes, machine recipes, etc.);
  • Flexible configuration;
  • Update checker;
  • 1.11.2 and 1.12.2 support.


-v  1.0.8 - v1.0.9 - Changes:

  • fixed some packet issues;
  • fixed sime id conflicts.

-v  1.0.7 - Changes:

  • fixed abandoned laboratory spawn bug in other worlds;
  • fixes recipe for EnderCore;
  • probably fixed nbt bug with infected items.

-v  1.0.6 - Changes:

  • now cure effects for bacteria and effects(except viruses) lasts 30 seconds(old value: 1-2 mins);
  • reduced chance to get infection from infected items and increased interval between item infection processes(85%-> 45% and 15 sec->2mins);
  • increased structure spawn chance(10%->15%);
  • increased spawn chance for Symbionts in Abandoned Laboratory(15%->25%);
  • reduced Infected Forest spawn weight(100->50);
  • reduced Sunstroke effect chance(35%->5%);
  • some improvements for Guide Book.

- v 1.0.5 - Changes:

  • added weak and strong Antibiotics. They can kill several bacteria at once. But they also can harm players immunity;
  • added config option that allows using any armor as Bio Armor;
  • added Bio Analyzer. Use it to get information about viruses and bacteria in your blood;
  • some Guide Book changes;
  • modified update checker;
  • fixed several typos in language files.

- v 1.0.4 - Changes:

  • added new config options: enable/disable infected items, enable/disable virus mutation, enable/disable virus and bacteria effects for peaceful entities;
  • added new item called Splint. Used to cure Fracture effect(reduces the duration by 10 times).

- v 1.0.3 - Fixes:

  • fixed Vial usage problem;
  • now /cbio debug also removes effects from all infected items in player inventory;
  • fixed many typos in language files;
  • stable release version. 

- v 1.0.2 - Fixed version checker spam;

- v 1.0.1 - Fixed major bug with world loading and other mods compatibility;

- v 1.0.0 - Beta release;

Modpack policy:

You can use this mod in modpacks only if you leave reference to this project and it will not be used for commercial purposes. Also config option "bionisation3.cfg#Show Updates" must be enabled.

Minecraftforum link: link

More screenshots you can find in Images section: images


Thank you for attention! Waiting for your comments and suggestions!

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