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Adds content from the Badlands, Savanna and Desert biome votes.


  • Pear Cactus - three stages of growth, hurts the player if mined, drops itself
  • Stripped Pear Cactus - drops cactus pads and prickly pears when mature
  • Cactus Pad - 9 can be crafted into 1 leather
  • Prickly Pear - When eaten, heals one heart
  • Tumbleweed seed - planted on dirt or sand to grow a tumbleweed
  • Tumbleweed - plants a seed (if it can) when it hits a mob, on second hit drops a seed and despawns
    • Vulture - if fed rotten flesh, it will show up at your death location and prevent your items from despawning

Savanna (baobabs and termite mounds do not generate):

  • Baobab leaves, trunk, bark (cannot be crafted into wood)
  • Baobab fruit - gives a lot of saturation when eaten
  • Termite mound block - randomly strips adjacent logs, paper will convert adjacent logs to termite mounds
  • Ostrich - attacks players that mine their eggs and monsters that go near them, can step over fences, shed feathers, and drop meat and leather on death
  • Ostrich Egg - produced when ostriches breed, 3 stages of hatching, spawns baby ostrich when finished

Desert (palm trees and succulents do not generate)

  • Palm woodset - all variants plus Hanging Palm Leaves, have slightly higher blast resistance, arrows bounce off palm wood blocks (and boats!)
  • Date - can be eaten or crafted into vinegar
  • Vinegar - right click on block to bleach it or use on calcite to produce a fizzing, which can be collected with a glass bottle to make a Calcite Powder Bottle
  • Calcite Powder Bottle - 4 crafts 1 calcite
  • Coconut Block - can be stripped to make coconut fall, if right clicked with a bucket it will fill it with milk and drop 2 coconut halves
  • Coconut Half - can be crafted into coconut chunks, leaving the shell
  • Coconut Shell - can be smelted into charcoal or crafted into a bowl
  • Coconut Chunk - can be eaten or crafted with sugar to make desiccated coconut
  • Thatch and thatch stairs - crafted from palm leaves
  • Salt block bricks, tiles, chiseled, lamp - visually opaque but lets light through (opposite of tinted glass), all have stairs and slabs except for chiseled and lamp
  • Salt - placed like redstone dust, undead mobs will not pathfind over
  • Succulent - 16 colours and 4 shape variants (currently implemented using blockstates)
    • Meerkat - naturally spawn belonging to a group, groups will fight each other, have standing animation
    • Burrow - meerkat leaders will dig these in sand, and all meerkats can enter them


No, I will not backport this or develop it for a different modloader. You can though!

And yes, you can use this in your modpack. Just make sure to give credit.

By downloading this mod you forfeit your right to use it as an example of Mojang being lazy.

Thanks to Parkdum for taking the glorious screenshot that became the mod icon.

Gipple not included.


Discord server: https://discord.gg/KA3GCSD5YH