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Bio-Organic-Tech-Magic mod which was inspired by putting concepts of Bio-Manipulation (Biomancy), Bio-Punk and Flesh Magic into a blender. This mod tries to be the opposite of vile things such as Necromancy and other practices related to harnessing death, instead Biomancy wants to exploit the energy of the living and create new life.



Biomancy 2

forge geckolib


Backup your world.
Mostly Incompatible with Biomancy 1


Incompatible with NotEnoughRecipeBook


No Guide Book (atm)

At the momemnt the mod will not provide a guide book and most of its progression is described through advancements and tooltips.

Please note that the moment the tooltips & advancements are wip and a proper "guide" will be introduced during the development of the mod.

If you need help to get started you can watch this video.

I recommended the use of JEI to look up recipes.


Mod Integrations

  • JEI
  • Alex's Mobs
  • Alex's Caves
  • Pehkui

Mod Compatibility

  • Create
    • Flesh Door & Iris Door work on Create contraptions/trains
    • Membranes count towards sails
  • Dramatic Doors
  • The Digester accepts any food automatically
  • Food with Raw Meat Item Tags
    • #forge:raw_mutton, #forge:raw_pork, #forge:raw_chicken, #forge:raw_beef, #forge:raw_bacon (e.g. Farmer's Delight)
    • #forge:raw_fishes


Will you port to 1.19.4?


What about a Fabric Version?

I will create a fabric version eventually.



Many thanks to the member of my discord server for their feedback and many ideas.


RhinoW, The Shroome, Kitteh6660, Tyfin, The Shroome, Shorepion, ItsLumine, RuskieThe3rd, ZeoMaddox



PonyPon, Tapeworm Tim, Spedic, Adam, Toom, June, da.shyguy, Zeca, pixel_mode


Bugs & Crashes

Please report any issues to the Biomancy Issue Tracker on GitHub or the bug-and-crashes channel on Discord.


Updates and more

For more elaborate information and sneak-peaks please visit the Biomancy Discord Server.