Biological Dragons!

1,207 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 31, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

A mod made by A.E.Y. The mode is biology-based and allows you to drive dragons with fun!


This mode adds new dragons fossils gemstones and more to the game.


We will continue to update.

This mod release: 1.12.2

Instant mode version: 1.0.0

while starting:

Go to the mine and find a fossil! It is like a white mineral. Armor and tools can be made from it. When diamonds and fossils combine, the dragon becomes a gem.this dragon gem allows you to make a machine.
With this machine you can now make a fossil dragon!.
but this machine is not limited to this. peridot and sapphire (they are found underground) When combined, opal is obtained. When opal and dragon stone are combined, lightning stone is obtained! 
With the lightning stone you can produce the most powerful lightning wand, lightning dragon, lightning tools and armor!
For more recipe and for more information You can install JEI mod.
A.E.Y company the mod create. and all rights reserved and this mode is included.

After 1.5.0
1.5.0 too many updates came! at first let us tell you how you'll go to the newly added dimension.
12 Piece dark matter block, index as nether portal does. Then close the inside with the newly added lighter and enter into the formed portal!
You will see the cyanide fluid of this size. Watch out is toxic!
After digging a bit of this size, you will see carbon. Take it and produce the carbon machine!
Uh ... we can go home now!
but it's not over!
 produce carbon staff with carbon machine!
with this staff you can spawn the night villager!
This peasant is not like normal peasants, He will give you precious jewels and items!

A.E.Y Company


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