With Binnie's normal incredibly slow update cycle lagging considerably behind that of Forestry's, I got bored waiting for the next version to potentially be released, and made a patcher mod to manually fix his mods to work with Forestry 4. Everything is done via ASM, meaning none of Binnie's own code is being distributed in case you were worrying ;)

Currently it supports:

  • Binnie Core
  • Extra Bees
  • Extra Trees
  • Genetics
  • Botany

All 5 parts of Binnie's Mods are now supported, and should all work perfectly fine. Remember to report any bugs you find here, although I'm pretty sure I've found most of them. It is best you post anything else that needs to be seen quickly on the thread, as I'm unlikely to read the comments here regularly.

It is designed for the latest version of Binnie's Mods (Beta 14) and will probably have issues if you try using an older version. The Forestry version shouldn't be as important, if you're using 4.2 at least there's no chance of anything breaking.

For those wanting to use it in Modpacks:
If it's a private pack, have fun, optionally tell your fellow pack users how in awe you are of the patcher. If you're not though, that's fine.
If it's a public pack, saying you're using it in the thread is nice so I can get an idea of where it's being used, but you don't have to explicitly ask my permission to use it. And you too can optionally tell your pack users how in awe you are if you want to.