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Forge mod.

Uninstalling older versions of this mod and using it on a world that previously had it installed may have negative consequences!


Bigger stacks

Allows you to increase stack size beyond 64, up to ~1 billion (though I don't recommend you go that high).


Control the stack size of individual items

The mod allows you to change the stack size of items based on tags, what mod it comes from, and more using rules.



When you load into a world with the mod unconfigured, it will show you this prompt:


Clicking on the command or running it will open a configuration GUI. 

You can open this GUI at any time by running /biggerstacks quicksetup



With a mod like this, it is very likely that some things will be incompatible. If you find any issues, or things not working as expected, report them on github.

Some item transport mod (xnet, modular routers, pretty pipes, cyclic) have been changed for bigger stacks. There is some more information about the changes in the config file.


Please report any issues/incompatibilities you find with this mod to me, not the author of the other mod.

You can report them on the github issues or the comments section here, though I'd prefer you to use the github issue tracker if you have a github account.


Known incompatibilities 

- numismatic overhaul reforged



There are very similar mods for 1.12 already available


Client side and server side?

This mod is needed on both the client and the server.


Future of the mod

...if anyone cares...

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been too active recently. I've been busy and I've been taking a break from this game.

You may have heard that 1.20.5 is introducing some big changes with items and nbt, and you can stack items up to 99 now. Not something I expected from mojang. The current implentation makes me think they aren't intending for this to be used to change the stack size of all items. Modders would likely be forced to stop using 64 as a stack size constant now (yay!!!!!).

If this limit stays and I want to update the mod, it will have to work a lot differently (internally) and I will probably drop support for lower versions.