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Getting Started

Getting started:

This page shows you how to get started using Bibliotheca for your personal library mod.

 Step 1:

  • In the mod folder where you have build.gradle file, project file, src folder and such create a new folder named "libs"
  • Download the latest Bibliotheca build from Curse Forge.
  • Place the Bibliotheca.jar file inside the libs folder.
  • Open the command prompt and cd to the mod folder.
  • Run the command:
gradlew setupDecompWorkspace idea                                  [For IntelliJ IDEA users]
gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse                             [For Eclipse users]

Once finished, open your development environment.

Step 2:

Go to you main class for your mod.

In the @Mod annotation above the class name add:

dependencies = "required-after:bibliotheca@[version number,);"

It should look like something like this:

@Mod(modid = "modid", name = "modname", version = "modversion", 
dependencies = "required-after:bibliotheca@[1.0.0-1.11.2,);")

That is everything you need to get started using Bibliotheca!