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Filename bewitchment-1.12.2-0.0.20.jar
Uploaded by MoriyaShiine
Uploaded Jul 24, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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  • Removed Blindworms
  • Removed Alpha Hellhounds (Will return)
  • Removed the following gems and ores: Nuummite, Tiger’s Eye, Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Jasper, Malachite, Alexandrite
  • Removed the following crops and plants:  Asphodel, Chrysanthemum, Ginger, Infested Wheat, Kenaf, Lavender, Mint, Sagebrush, Silphium, Thistle, Tulsi, Witchweed, Moonbells, Kelp, Spanish Moss (Spanish Moss will return in a later update)
  • Removed the following fumes: Philter of Dishonesty, Heaven Extract, Otherworldly Tears, Swirl of the Depths. Several will return in the next major update
  • Removed these other items: Carnivorous Tooth, Chromatic Quill, All Dusts Piles and Small Dust Piles, Envenomed Fang, Equine Tail, Eye of Ancient, Filet of Fenny Snake, Glass Jar, Grilled Watermelon, Mortar and Pestle (both types), Regal Silk, Sanguine Cloth (will return later), Silver Scales, Soul String (will return later), Adamantine Star Bauble, Aquamarine Crown Bauble, Emerald Pendant Bauble, Ruby Orb Bauble, Watching Eye Bauble, Wraithful Eye Bauble (will probably return later), Triskelion Amulet (will probably return later)
  • Removed the bee stuff and all related blocks/items
  • Removed Large Candles. Small candles still exist, now simply called “Candles”
  • Removed the Brazier and Magic Mirror, both will return later
  • Removed the Gem Bowl, gems can instead be placed directly on the altar
  • Removed Player ME, as it caused problems
  • Removed unused elements such as the skeleton of transformations (yes, they WILL return later), Infusions (will ALSO return later), Spells (will ALSO ALSO return later), and several models and textures that won’t be added until later updates
  • Removed Witchfire, Sightfire, and Dimensional Fire. Frostfire still exists and is created in a new way.
  • Removed the Witch’s Pouch (will return) and the Mantle (unknown if will return)
  • Removed the dependency LLibrary, however Baubles and Patchouli are still needed



  • Added Tallow, replacement for Wax, created from boiling 2 Rotten Fleshes in a Witch’s Cauldron
  • Added Opal, a new gem along with the preexisting Amethyst and Garnet. Opals represent supportive magic, amethysts offensive, and garnets defensive
  • Added several new variants for Altars: Coquina, Embittered Bricks (ice), Scorned Bricks, Netherbrick, and Obsidian, on top of the original Stone. They all act the same just have different aesthetics 
  • Added Elderberries, which your father smelled of, Juniper Berries, and Yew Arils. All three drop from the leaves of their respective tree similar to apples. 
  • Added Doors, Stairs, Slabs, Fences, Fence Gates, Buttons, and Pressure Plates for all our wood types.
  • Added Bottled Frostfire. It is created in the Distillery from a Glass Bottle, Cleansing Balm, Perpetual Ice, and a Fire Charge. R-click on the ground with it to release it. Does not spread
  • Added Salt Blocks. Perfect for all you salty nerds
  • Added three new Rites: Rite of Lesser Hellmouth (summons Pigmen and Magma Cubes), Hellmouth (summons Blazes, Serpents, and the above), Greater Hellmouth (Ghast, Hellhound, Wither Skeleton, and the above). Essentially a way to condense several smaller and rarely used rituals into a few more practical ones
  • Added sounds for Toads (looking for more sound artists though)
  • Added the Blessed Stone, a creative mode-only item to instantly max Altar Power, similar to Witchery’s Infinity Egg
  • Added the Grimoire Magia, a replacement for Player ME as well as later a place to store Spells
  • Added natural generation for all four trees. Cypress in forest and cold (i.e. Taiga), elder in forest and not cold (i.e. normal Forest), juniper in savannas, and yew in forest and dense (i.e. Roofed Forest) 
  • Added idols of Master Leonard in stone, netherbrick, gold, scorned brick, clay, and nethersteel. These small block are designed to go on altars and act as Pentacles, and also represent a little coming surprise...


  • Updated the models for the Crystal Ball, Distillery, Spinning Wheel (replaces the Loom, but is used the same), and Witch’s Oven, both to fixed dated models and to better unify the mod’s look and feel
  • Updated textures for all Pentagram and Pentacle blocks, all Embittered Bricks, the Hoof item, the Girdle of the Dryads, the Salt item, and the Demonic Dew Fume
  • Updated all Glass Jar-based textures to instead be Glass Bottle-based, to reflect the removal of the Glass Jar and change of old Glass Jar recipes to use Glass Bottles
  • The texture for completed altar carpets is now 100% fancier and witchier
  • The model of the Witch Armour has been updated. It no longer occupies parts of the Player’s texture area, as well as some tweaks to the model itself, both for a later reason, and for some fixes to issues with the original one. 
  • Black Dog eyes now glow, and still glow after the creature turns invisible, so the player now has a chance against cloaked ones



  • The Boline can now be used to get normal feathers from owls, raven’s feathers from ravens, and string from fluffy sheep by right-clicking on them with it. Has a cooldown however
  • Lowered the spawn rate of Coquina boulders on beaches
  • Changed the name of the Uranid to “Serpent”
  • Overhauled how Brewing is done. Its too large to list here, check the Book of Shadows and JEI
  • Tweaked most of the rituals in regard to reagents and ME cost
  • Updated several recipes, from normal to brewing to distillery
  • Altar Power is now counted differently due to the max power being tweaked. Modifier diversity is more important than ever
  • Taglocks now actually update their texture when a taglock is taken
  • The Waystone now has a new use-- any non-global (i.e. weather) rites can now be redirected to the bound area
  • Ritual reagents can now be held by the Foci Chalk in a ritual circle without despawning, r-click on the foci with the item to make it hold them
  • Sacrifice-based rituals such as the demon summoning one now activate once the respective entity is killed by the player, rather than being killed by the ritual when it starts
  • The mod overall is now nearly totally API-based, which should make creating addons and adding new official content easier than ever
  • The mod should also run much better in general
  • Rewrote most of both the Book of Shadows and Codex Infernalis, both to clarify and to reflect all the new changes

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