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Worlds created with version 5.3 or newer of this Mod are not compatible with older versions. When you load a world that was created with an older version first time BCLib will update your world to be playable with the latest version. While BCLib should automatically create a Backup for you, you might also want to make one manually.



With BetterNether your adventures in the fiery dimension will be even more exciting. The mod adds new biomes, plants and materials to the Nether. Among them there are new challenging monsters like the Naga, or dark dungeons where the creatures of Nether have taken over. Your new tools will bring unique improvements that will help you to survive. There are a lot of unique new blocks for builders together with variants of old familiar vanilla blocks.

During the development of this mod, special attention was paid to compatibility with other Nether mods and datapacks. If you have any issues with compatibility or other bugs please let us know in our Issue Tracker.

If you have any questions or want some help - feel free to join our Discord Server



  • Dozens of new plants for the Nether
  • New Nether-mobs
  • New unique biomes
  • Vertical and volumetric biome system (supporting other mods and datapacks)
  • Many new materials, recipes, food, tools and items
  • Ability to farm some materials using plant farms and mob farms
  • Many Nether structures, including big and rare Nether Cities
  • Ability to configure presence of blocks, items, structures, biomes and plant density (and a config GUI with ModsMenu mod)
  • Integrations with some other mods.












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