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 You may have already explored the vast expanses of the arid Badlands: roaming the red sands, traversing dangerous heights, mining for gold aplenty, and perhaps struggling for efficient survival. But now, it's time for some things to change around those hostile areas. And not all of the changes might be good. Will you be ready for it all? This, my friend... is Betterlands.



Betterlands is a small biome mod that adds new features centered around the badlands. Its aim is to make the biome look better and turn it into a more survivable place; giving players more options in interacting with it. The badlands might have been one of the more boring biomes in vanilla Minecraft... but with this mod, you can expect it to change!

This is part 1 of 4 biome mods I'm making; the next one, Shroomed, has already been released!



  • Juniper Tree

Meet the new type of tree exclusively found in the Badlands! They are commonly found on the red sand grounds, but you can also occasionally come across ones growing on top of barren Badlands Plateaus (in which case there will be a cluster of red sand below them). They offer a wood source of the same name and are the only source of juniper berries, which grow on their leaves that aren't exposed to air above. These juniper berries can be crafted into gin (that's right, the alcoholic drink mainly made of juniper berries)

A Juniper tree


  • Fossil Rocks

These are ore-like blocks that drop bone-related items when mined with any pickaxe. They are commonly found in the badlands & eroded badlands biomes (especially in mesas and plateaus), and they don't generate where there's air, water, or lava directly above them. Upon mining, they always drop bone and have a small chance to drop lizard bones, an item used to craft 5 bonemeals (and for comparison, that's 2 more compared to the amount of bonemeal you can craft from bones)

Fossil rocks


  • Decorative Terracotta Blocks
  • Terracotta Bricks
    These are new types of bricks that would be good for building. They also come in stairs, slabs, and walls.

    All terracotta bricks


  • Terracotta Pavement

These will be great for building pathways! They also come in stairs and slabs that allow for more building options. They'll also provide a slight speed boost to mobs walking on top of them, making them quite useful for paths.

All terracotta pavements


  • Terracotta Roof Tiles

These can be used for building better roofs. They're slightly slippery and only come in default basic blocks, with a variant called "rooftile ridge" that can be used for building a roof's ridge when using roof tiles for roofing.

All terracotta roof tiles


  • Bighorn Sheep 

These mammals spawn on top of Wooded Badlands Plateaus and will be the main source of meat in the Badlands. That said, they drop bighorn meat which can be cooked and restores the same hunger & saturation points as beef. Their other drops are bighorn hide (craftable into bighorn hide armor) and large horn (craftable into horned cap). They can be bred with wilting bushes, which are plants found on both Badlands and Wooded Badlands Plateaus. Be careful when hunting these creatures; they have a chance to ram you when provoked!

A bighorn sheep


  • Bighorn Hide Armor

Give yourself a bit of protection from some of the harmful elements of the badlands (or anywhere else) by equipping a set of armor crafted from bighorn hide! These are only on the same level as leather armor so that means they share the same defense points & durability, but they should suffice for the most part before you could find or craft better armor.

Bighorn hide armor set



(starts at 0:57)

(starts at 0:22)



  • Bighorn sheep's baby models are as big as mature bighorn sheep (Fixed in 210601a snapshot)
  • All kinds of fossil rocks don't drop themselves when mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe (Fixed in 0.2.0 alpha)
  • Badlands Bush & Brittlebush plants' hitboxes are too small (Fixed in 0.4.0 Beta)



  • This mod is fully compatible with Better Badlands, so you can play modded Minecraft and have both of them installed without having to worry about a thing.



#1: There are a lot of recipes included in this mod (especially for the new terracotta blocks), so this may be common knowledge by now but JEI is recommended for easy recipe viewing

#2: I'm open to suggestions, and I can also accept valid criticism! Don't worry, I won't be mad as long as you won't be a jerk about it! ;)

#3: Feel free to add this to your modpack! :D



  • Rattlesnakes [progress: 11%
  • Badlands Coyotes [progress: 4%]
  • Badlands Monitor Lizards [progress: 8%]
  • Flowering Cactus [progress: 20%]
  • Terracotta Lamps [progress: 9%]
  • Lizard Bones to be placed on top of blocks [progress: 74%]
  • Ancient Structures, including tombs [progress: 11%]
  • Possibility for Bighorn Sheep to ram you when provoked - Added in 210601a

(DISCLAIMER: Progress percentages lower than 100% here aren't always accurate as they are merely estimations.) 



  • I was a bit inspired by two really good, already existing badlands-themed mod, Better Badlands and Better Badlands (yup, they have the same name XD, but they're actually two entirely different mods adding different content also relating to badlands; the first one is for 1.12 and the second is for 1.16)
  • Special thanks to everyone who voted for the badlands biome and gave me suggestions & feedback! I promise that most suggestions won't be scrapped. Remember, this mod is only beginning, and I believe there will be a long journey ahead for this mod where I can have time to add most of the suggested features, as well as future ones!
  • And lastly, this mod was made with MCreator. Thanks to it for making this mod idea possible, easier, and quicker to achieve! And worry not, I will also try my very best to make this mod as well-polished as possible even in using a mod generator, and perhaps I'll eventually move to Java coding in the future once I get the hang of it <3



  • My modding Discord server, where we can talk about any of my mods: discord.gg/kBEr693YVn
  • My other biome expansion mods:
  1. Shroomed