Better Animals Plus

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Filename betteranimalsplus-1.14.4-9.0.0.jar
Uploaded by itsmeowdev
Uploaded Mar 31, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 7.79 MB
Downloads 12,520
MD5 f4be56727ff0958005eec5c6689d879d
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions



    Added walrus
    Added geese
    Added whales (beluga, pilot, false killer, narwhal, bottlenose, and Cuvier's)
    Added saltwater eels
    Added freshwater eels
    Added albino deer variants and heads
    Added new deer model
    Added arctic, brown, and red feral wolf variants, capes, pelts, and heads
    Added greenland shark variant
    Improved shark animations
    Added goose egg
    Added golden goose egg
    Added blubber
    Updated advancemnts with new heads
    Added secret with the walrus (they like being fed fried eggs btw)
    Tweaked tarantulas so they rotate when on a wall
    Fix non-honey type badgers spawning in savannas
    Updated Spanish translation (partially updated to 9.0.0)
    Update French translation (8.2 equivalent)
    Update Chinese translation (8.2 equivalent)
    Update Russian translation (partially updated to 9.0.0)
    1.12: Updated Thaumcraft aspects for new features
    1.12: Added oredict listAllegg and listAllEgg to custom eggs
    1.14: Biome based variants now enabled by default in config. No longer affects spawn eggs, only natural spawns. Existing configs must be updated.
    1.14: Added a clientside config, also allows reindeer snow particles to be disabled
    1.14: Made it so boars retaliate and summon their friends, like in 1.12
    1.14: Added buckets for some water mobs (lamprey, nautilus, freshwater eel, saltwater eel, jellyfish)
    1.14: Rewrote the ENTIRE variant system to make more sense and be named.
    1.14: Rewrote the ENTIRE head-variant system to make more sense and be named.
    1.14: Rewrites means that some items in worlds will break. DO NOT take this update lightly. Back up your worlds.