Better Questing

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Filename BetterQuesting-3.5.300.jar
Uploaded by Funwayguy
Uploaded May 16, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.30 MB
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MD5 95a0293571bc854e6a3f86b465adf48d
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8


- Fixed TPS spike when sending large packets such as initial database syncing (only partly. Still plenty of room for improvement)

- Fixed entity render method not clearing various rotation values such as head rotations

- Added scroll wheel support for horizontal canvas lists

- Added WIP test theme that will likely replace the old book-like defaults

- Changed some networking code in preparation for partial sync rewrites



Over the next few builds I will be making some MAJOR rewrites to network handling to finally fix the huge performance issues that have been plaguing large servers for years. This will almost certainly break old expansion compatibility and at times cause desync issues as bugs arise.

The GUI layouts will also likely be scrapped in the process and replaced with something more resembling an MMORPG (I haven't yet finalised what it will look like yet). Because of all the aforementioned changes I've dropped these builds to BETA status and would not recommend them to be used in major packs releases (build 299 should be plenty stable for that purpose) however I still intend to keep on top of any reported bugs as I rewrite things so feel free to test away.

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BetterQuesting-api-3.5.300.jar 289.89 KB May 16, 2019
BetterQuesting-3.5.300-sources.jar 965.80 KB May 16, 2019
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