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Better Items Mod

Better Items Mod is a 1.15.2 mod what adds Better Items, Recipes, Blocks, Ores and much more to the Vanilla Minecraft.


Change Log v1.1.0




-added 5 new armour sets.
-Pink Sapphire
-Blue Sapphire



World Gen

-added world gens for.
-Steel (Uncommon)
-Ruby (Rare)
-Amethyst (Rare)
-Pink Sapphire (Rare)
-Blue Sapphire. (Very Rare)




-added Steel Pickaxe

-added Ruby Pickaxe

-added Amethyst Pickaxe

-added Blue Sapphire Pickaxe

-added Pink Sapphire Pickaxe



-added crafting recipes for.

-Steel Sword
-Ruby Sword
-Amethyst Sword
-Blue Sapphire Sword
-Pink Sapphire Sword
-Steel Pickaxe
-Ruby Pickaxe
-Amethyst Pickaxe
-Blue Sapphire Pickaxe
-Pink Sapphire Pickaxe
-Full Steel armour set
-Full Ruby armour set
-Full Blue Sapphire armour set
-Full Pink Sapphire armour set
-Full Amethyst armour set




Run down

  • This will add new ores, tools, amour and weapons. It will also give you the ability to craft Items your wouldn't be able to craft in Vanilla Minecraft. 


  • This is a working progress mod, what in the future will have child mods. if you have found any glitches please send them into the discord as this will make the mod more stable.