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đź“– About:

Better Barrels is a 1.16 mod which adds a new block to the game. This block, the barrel, is an adaptation of the existing barrel in the game. Combined with the concept of the shulker box, the barrel acts as it's early game equivalent. The barrel allows you to carry items inside of it. The barrel has 9 slots, this means that you'll still want to get your hands on a shulker box if you want to have maximum storage capacity. The barrel is crafted in a similar way to the original barrel that is already in game. However, the top and bottom middle slots are for an iron ingot, and the middle slot requires a single chest.

ℹ️ Issues:

Issues can be reported on the GitHub repository. Issues that are reported in the comments will not be read. The comments are a place to leave feedback and suggestions, it is not a bug tracker.

👦 Community:

If you would like to talk about this project or any other project that I run, then you can join our discord server which is linked under the banner.

đź“Ą Updates/Versions:

As the mod only adds one item, there will only likely be version updates. Though if people do have any ideas on anything they think could be added, either comment or let us know on discord!

⌛ Mod Loader:

This mod is available for both forge and fabric.

đź“· Screenshots: