Better Animal Models

1,919,978 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 8, 2021 Game Version: 1.15.2

New Spiders

Spider swarm!

New Spider Animation

A spider scuttles up the wall of a dungeon

Updated Banner


Polar Bears

Mod Compat: PrimalCore Brown Bear

Mod Compat: PrimalCore Black Bear

Mod Compat: PrimalCore Ovis Atre

Has a unique model-includes horns and udders!

Mod Compat: Abyssalcraft Anti-Animals

Mod Compat: Abyssalcraft Demon Animals


Mod Compat: Abyssalcraft Coralium Squids

Mod Compat: Brown Mooshroom's Brown Mooshrooms

Mod Compat: Quark Cows

Mod Compat: Quark Chickens

Even chicks have unique textures!

Quark Compat: Pigs

Mod Compat: Midnight Nightstag

Supports all original animations, as well as the colour-changing antlers on all variants


Wolves now show their collar!


Cats have been updated as well


Originally from Better Animals Plus, the fox model has found a new home here


A clowder of kitties


The bee's knees

Silverfish Swarm

Gross insects found in abandoned places

A Pod of Dolphins

Playful and intelligent cetaceans

Mod Compat: PrimalCore Steppe Wolf