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Bettas is a mod that adds a new type of fish and some other fun features to the game

Bettas can be bucketed like all other fish, and once bucketed they become aggressive to other bettas. They come in over 100 different color variations, with their two 'wild type' variations being the most common. On death, they drop a betta fish item which can be eaten. The mod also introduces moss balls, block of moss balls, and dried leaves. Moss Balls work similar to sea pickles. They can be waterlogged, and up to four can be placed in one block, they generate in swamp biomes uncommonly. Block of Moss Balls is a new block that is crafted from 9 moss balls. Dried Leaves can be waterlogged and up to three can be placed in one block. They are obtained by smelting any type of leaves in a furnace, they can be used to craft blackwater bottle by combining them with a water bottle. Blackwater Bottles can be used to heal bettas that have taken damage. 

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