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Berries and Cherries


🍇 What is it?

Berries and Cherries is an addon for Farmer's Delight that adds various different berries, cherries and other fruits.

Wild berry bushes and cherry trees will spawn around the Overworld.

Berries, cherries and certain fruits can be crafted in juices and jams.

There's also pies and other yummy goods inside!


🔍 Features

  • Cherry Trees
  • Berry Bushes and 2 Block High Berry Bushes
  • Pies
  • Jams
  • Juices
  • Wearing armor prevents damage when coming into contact with bushes
  • Using Shears to harvest berries will prevent you taking damage from thorns


đź”® Planned Features

  • More food variants
  • More Fruits, Fruit Trees, Berries and Berry Bush variants
  • Suggestions welcome!


🍓 Blocks/Items

  • Jam Jar - Container for filling with jam
  • Berry Crusher - Used to obtain berry juices required for jam recipes
  • Placeable Jam Jars - Right click to place your jam jars in your world, up to 3 of each variant! To pick them back up either shift right click or simply break them


đź“‹ FAQ

Q: Fabric version?

A: I have no plans currently, but it's a possibility in the future.

Q: Backport?

A: I am working on 1.18.2 and 1.19.2 backports only.

Q: Compatability?

A: I'm happy to add compatibility to any mods requested when I have time.

Q: Can you add X translation?

A: Of course.


🔧 Crafting Recipes



đź“· Screenshots