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  • New Item: The "Talisman of the Benefactor"
    • Multiplies the experience you get from xp orbs if equipped in a baubles slot
    • Comes in two types:
      • Basic: craftable, multiplies experience from xp-orbs by 5
      • Divine: can be found in dungeons, multiplies experience from xp-orbs by 15

Since Version 0.4.0:

New Pickaxe: The "Artifact of the fallen Kingdom"

  • Can only be obtained by finding it in jungle temple chests (10%)
  • Has an active ability that grants haste II for 60 seconds. 5 minute cooldown.

Since Version 0.5.0:

New Item: The "Guardian's Charm"

  • Grants regneration and resistance if the bearer's health drops below 5
  • Can be found in treasure chests
  • New Block / Chest: "Treasure Chest"
    • Has a 3% chance to be generated for each chunk
    • Contains mostly lots of gold and other items (depends on your luck)

You can modify all those values in the config

Talisman Crafting Recipe

Feel free to submit suggestions for additional features! 

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You can prevent abuse of the talisman by setting xp_boost_enable_level_threshold in the config to true. This will set a level threshold which the player has to reach/surpass in order to receive the talisman's xp boost. This is disabled by default. You can edit the level threshold as well in the config. (xp_boost_enable_level_threshold_value) The default threshold value is 10.


Information for Version 0.5.0+ (1.12.2):

You will most likely get the following message / warning in the console:

[Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/LootTable]: Tried to over-fill a container

This is caused by MC-91727 (fixed in 1.13+ so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Protection Status

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