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Beneficium requires Baubles 1.5.2


  • New Item: The "Talisman of the Benefactor"
    • Multiplies the experience you get from xp orbs if equipped in a baubles slot
    • Comes in two types:
      • Basic: craftable, multiplies experience from xp-orbs by 5
      • Divine: can be found in dungeons, multiplies experience from xp-orbs by 15

Since Version 0.4.0:

New Pickaxe: The "Artifact of the fallen Kingdom"

  • Can only be obtained by finding it in jungle temple chests (10%)
  • Has an active ability that grants haste II for 60 seconds. 5 minute cooldown.

Since Version 0.5.0:

New Item: The "Guardian's Charm"

  • Grants regneration and resistance if the bearer's health drops below 5 hp (2.5 hearts)
  • Can be found in treasure chests
  • New Block / Chest: "Treasure Chest"
    • Has a 3% chance to be generated for each chunk
    • Contains mostly lots of gold and other items (depends on your luck :) )

You can modify all those values in the config

Talisman Crafting Recipe


You can prevent abuse of the talisman by setting xp_boost_enable_level_threshold in the config to true. This will set a level threshold which the player has to reach/surpass in order to receive the talisman's xp boost. This is disabled by default. You can edit the level threshold as well in the config. (xp_boost_enable_level_threshold_value) The default threshold value is 10.


Information for Version 0.5.0+ (1.12.2):

You will most likely get the following message / warning in the console:

[Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/LootTable]: Tried to over-fill a container

This is caused by MC-91727 (fixed in 1.13+ so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)