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Create: Bells & Whistles

available for 1.19.2-1.20.2 modloaders forge, neoforge, fabric and quilt star discord

Create: Bells & Whistles is an add-on for the Create mod that focuses on the player experience, adding 36 new decorative and utility blocks specifically suited for Create builds & contraptions. **This Curseforge page hosts both Forge & Fabric versions of this mod.


A train built with the Deepslate Train Pilot and Brass Steps blocks

Current list of features:

##• Train Pilot Blocks

Come in 18 different materials

Andesite Alloy, Brass, Copper

Metal (Textured in the style of the Metal Girder and Metal Bracket from Create)

Polished Andesite, Polished Granite, Polished Diorite, Polished Deepslate, Polished Tuff, Polished Calcite, Polished Limestone, Polished Scoria, Polished Scorchia, Polished Crimsite, Polished Ochrum, Polished Veridium, Polished Asurine

Knock entities out of the way

##• Ornate Iron Trapdoor

Just a cool block to make windows out of.

##• Headlight

Can be placed on all faces of blocks

##• Station platform block

Perfect dimensions for train & subway platforms

##• Metro Palette of Blocks

Casing, Corrugated Casing, Panel, Corrugated Panel, Trapdoor, and Window

Great for building subways

##• Andesite, Brass and Copper Grab Bar Blocks

Behave like ladders

Work on trains

##• Andesite, Brass and Copper Bogie Step Blocks

Extend 1 block below where they are placed

Behave like ladders

Work on trains

##• Andesite, Brass and Copper Door Step blocks

Can be placed on literally any block


Translation help is really appreciated. The best way to do so is to make a Git pull request with the translated lang file.

The mod is currently available in English, German, Swedish and Korean.

Thanks to @AsseyGithub for translating Create: Bells and Whistles to Korean.

Find Bells and Whistles on GitHub or Modrinth

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