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Beekeeper adds a new beekeeping villager.


The release versions are for Forge and beta versions are for Fabric.


Beekeepers tend to the bees and buy and sell products like other villagers.   

Their workplace is a honeycomb block honey extractor.

The Beekeeper buys uncommon and rare flowers as well as buying glass bottles and honey bottles.

The Beekeeper sells bee pollen which is delicious will let players buzz up to the top of the local church if they want to.

The Beekeeper also sells royal jelly which provides a small amount of extra durability to players for a long while and can be eaten any time.

The Beekeeper also sells bee spawn eggs for upstart villagers in far-off lands.

The Beekeeper also showers heroes with rewards for saving the village from invaders.


So don't Bee afraid!


More features are on the way including additional biomes where beekeepers appear as well as configuration options.

Currently the honey extractor doesn't do anything, similar to the fletching table, but will at some point.


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