Bed Craft and Beyond

49,361 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9

Rugs Example

Rugs are able to flow over slabs and stairs, their bounding box hovering in the block space above. They can also flow over every type of corner stair and up the sides of blocks to connect to other Rugs .

Beds Example

Each Colored Bed combination is separated by 16 color blankets, 16 color pillows and sheets, and multiple different wood frames, doubled for Chested Beds. That's 512 beds for each type of wood!

Bed Types

Currently, there are Colored Beds, Colored Chested Beds that have drawers under them, and the Stone Slab Bed. Colored Chested Beds can be opened using the Key.


If anyone is able to figure out why the corner of the carpets when placed in certain ways has this unnatural shadow on this face and knows how to fix it, please notify me on the Github.

Stone Slab Bed Example

Frame Whitelist Editor - List