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Requires the library mod Collective.

This is the client variant of the Beautified Chat mod. It is highly configurable and allows users to change the chat input on their client. The mod variant you're currently looking at just needs the mod the client. It will make changes to the chat on all connected servers, without the need to have the mod on the server's mod list. There is also a timestamp feature to know when messages were sent.

The server version is also available and is called Beautified Chat [Server]
Both the client and server mod are compatible with each other, server-side takes priority.

In default Minecraft, all chat is in the format:
<Username> Message

The mod by default changes this to:
Timestamp | Username: Message

The default colours can be seen below in the example image. Both the format and the colour codes can be changed with ease via the config. If you don't want the timestamp, just remove it in the chatMessageFormat config option.

The default timestamp format is 24-hours. If you want AM/PM, just input in the timestampFormat config option "hh:mm a" instead of the default "HH:mm".

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
chatMessageFormat (default = "%timestamp% | %username%: %chatmessage%"): Variables: %timestamp% = timestamp set in timestampFormat. %username% = the username of the player who sent the message.
timestampFormat (default = "HH:mm"): Example time in formats: 5 seconds past 9 o' clock in the evening. *=Default. *(HH:mm) = 21:00, (HH:mm:ss) = 21:00:05, (hh:mm a) = 9:00 PM

The possible colour code values for the next 4 configs are:
0: black, 1: dark_blue, 2: dark_green, 3: dark_aqua, 4: dark_red, 5: dark_purple, 6: gold, 7: gray, 8: dark_gray, 9: blue, 10: green, 11: aqua, 12: red, 13: light_purple, 14: yellow, 15: white.

 (default = 8, min 0, max 15): The colour of the timestamp in the chat message. 

chatUsernameColour (default = 2, min 0, max 15): The colour of the username in the chat messsage.
chatMessageColour (default = 15, min 0, max 15): The colour of the chat message.
chatOtherSymbolsColour (default = 7, min 0, max 15): The colour of the other symbols from chatMessageFormat. So everything except the variables.

The default format ("%timestamp% | %username%: %chatmessage%"):


You may freely use this mod in any modpack, as long as the download remains hosted within the CurseForge ecosystem.

Serilum.com contains an overview and more information on all mods available.

Comments are disabled as I'm unable to keep track of all the separate pages on each mod.
For issues, ideas, suggestions or anything else there is the Github repo. Thanks!