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Beacon Overhaul


Introduces a tier system and better effect scaling for beacons

  • Adds night vision, fire resistance, nutrition, long reach, and slow falling as beacon effects
  • Adds a tier system for beacons, with diamond and netherite structures providing progressively increased effect potency
  • Adds a higher potency of night vision, allowing the player to see everything with midday lighting (full bright) and no fog effects
  • Adds 2 new effects to the game, Long Reach, increasing interaction reach, and Nutrition, passively restoring food levels
  • Adds a dropping mechanic to slow falling, allowing sneaking to cause a fall at normal velocity whilst still negating damage
    • Adds an increased step height to jump boost, allowing the player to step up blocks instantaneously when the effect is applied

In future releases, higher potency night vision, long reach, and nutrition may be separated into other mods for modularity

This mod is required on both the client and server, as it makes changes to the beacon's menu for clients


In-game screenshot of the beacon menu


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