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This is a library mod for BetterEnd, BetterNether, Eden Ring and possible future mods from BetterX team. It should be installed as a separated mod.

This library can be used by other developers to make their own mods. If you have some suggetions or enhancements we are open for discussions and pull requests.

Some features will appear in future, all documentation is inside javadocs. If some docs are missing please report this, it will be fixed.


Standalone Features:

  • Compatibility between Nether and End mods and datapacks biome generation
  • Emissive textures (with "_e" suffix) for solid and cutout blocks (+ resourcepack support; will not work in Iris);
  • Automatic emission shaders for Canvas (+ resourcepack support);


Modmakers Features (short outdated list):


  • Emissive textures (with _e suffix)
    • Can be applied to Solid and Transparent blocks;
    • Can be changed/added with resourcepacks;
    • Incompatible with Sodium and Canvas (just will be not rendered);
    • Incompatible with Iris shaders (Iris without shaders works fine).
  • Procedural block and item models (from paterns or from code);
  • Block render interfaces.


  • Simple Mod Integration API:
    • Get mod inner methods, classes and objects on runtime.
  • Structure Features API:
    • Sructure Features with automatical registration, Helpers and math stuff.
  • World Data API:
    • World fixers for comfortable migration between mod versions when content was removed;
    • Support for Block name changes and Tile Entities (WIP).
  • Bonemeal API:
    • Add custom spreadable blocks;
    • Add custom plants grow with weight, biomes and other checks;
    • Custom underwater plants.
  • Features API:
    • Features with automatical registration, Helpers and math.
  • Biome API:
    • Biome wrapper around MC biomes;
    • Custom biome data storage;
    • Custom fog density.
  • Tag API:
    • Pre-builded set of tags;
    • Dynamical tag registration with code;
    • Adding blocks and items into tags at runtime.


  • Spline library (simple):
    • Helper to create simple splines as set of points;
    • Some basic operation with splines;
    • Converting splines to SDF.
  • Recipe manager:
    • Register recipes from code with configs and ingredients check.
  • Noise library:
    • Voronoi noise and Open Simplex Noise.
  • Math library:
    • Many basic math functions that are missing in MC.
  • SDF library:
    • Implementation of Signed Distance Functions;
    • Different SDF Operations and Primitives;
    • Different materials for SDF Primitives;
    • Block post-processing;
    • Feature generation using SDF.

Helpers And Utils:

  • Custom surface builders.
  • Translation helper:
    • Generates translation template.
  • Weighted list:
    • A list of objects by weight;
  • Weighted Tree:
    • Fast approach for big weight structures;
  • Block helper:
    • Some useful functions to operate with blocks;

Complex Materials:

  • Utility classes used for mass content generation (wooden blocks, stone blocks, etc.);
  • Contains a set of defined blocks, items, recipes and tags;
  • Can be modified before mods startup (will add new block type for all instances in all mods);
  • All inner blocks and items are Patterned (will have auto-generated models with ability to override them with resource packs or mod resources).

Pre-Defined Blocks and Items:

  • Most basic blocks from MC;
  • Automatic item & block model generation;


  • Custom config system based on Json;
  • Hierarchical configs;
  • Different entry types;
  • Only-changes saves.


  • BlockModelProvider:
    • Allows block to return custom model and blockstate.
  • ItemModelProvider:
    • Allows block to return custom item model.
  • CustomColorProvider:
    • Make available to add block and item color provider.
  • RenderLayerProvider:
    • Determine block render layer (Transparent and Translucent).
  • PostInitable:
    • Allows block to init something after all mods are loaded.
  • CustomItemProvider:
    • Allows block to change its registered item (example - signs, water lilies).

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