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!the project isn't active anymore.!

successor can be found here


Adds more items used by Baubles by Azanor



Ring Of Flight:Lets you fly like creative.

Speed Belt:makes you run and fly faster.

Amulet Of Growth:speeds up the growth of any plant ingame.(by default activated with G)

Belt Of Hiking:Gives you step assist.

Belt Of Water Walking:lets you walk on water.

Amulet Of Diving:lets you breath under water.

Falling Belt:removes fall damage.

Amulet Of The Fiery Core: protects you from fire damage.

Amulet Of Nightvision: gives you nightvision.





Other Items/blocks:


Magic cores: Crafting item in diffent tiers



  • Backup your world!
  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Install Baubles
  • Download and drop the Baublelicious.jar file into your ".minecraft/mods" folder. 


Mod packs

You may use it in any mod pack you like.


Issues & Contribution

If you would like to contribute or come across any bugs, head on over to the GitHub



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