45,337 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod is about bamboo, for the most part. More content is planned.

Current content: 

  • Bamboo stalks, generated in tropical biomes.
  • Bamboo bundles, crafted with bamboo and string.
  • Dried bamboo, obtained by drying bamboo or bamboo bundles.
  • Bamboo planks, crafted from dried bamboo.
  • Dried bamboo and bamboo planks slabs and stairs.
  • Bamboo walls, crafted from dried bamboo bundles.
  • Halite clusters, generated underground.
  • Salt piles, mined from halite, can be placed like redstone.
  • Blocks of salt, crafted from salt piles.
  • Rope, can be placed on ceilings and walls, and is climbable like a ladder.

Planned content:

  • Dried bamboo and bamboo planks fences.
  • Food items that utilize the salt piles in their recipes
  • A food crafting system that makes use of cauldrons and heat sources.
  • Various salt related game mechanics.
  • Bamboo tools and weapons.
  • Possibly new biome such as a rainforest.

Any bugs or crashes should be reported to the issue tracker.


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