367,725 Downloads Last Updated: May 26, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

Backport was created in response to the severe lack of good mods to bring newer features to older versions of Minecraft, especially Shulker Boxes. Thus, I've made every effort to make sure that everything in Backport works as closely as possible to the original, down to the last possible detail.

Backport is currently only for Minecraft 1.10, though if there's enough demand I may attempt to make it for newer versions. I have no intention of porting it to older versions.

I will not make a 1.7 version. Period.

I currently have no intention of adding large features like Woodland Mansions or mobs - at least for the moment, I am restricting the scope of this mod to only blocks/items.

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It helps me continue developing cool mods like this, so everyone wins!

Current features:

  • Shulker Boxes
    • Complete animations
    • Full inventory functionality
    • Fully dyeable
    • Adds Shulker Shells and makes them drop from Shulkers, just like in 1.11 (down to the drop rates)
  • Glazed Terracotta
    • Proper rotation for all variants
  • Concrete/Concrete Powder
    • Full functionality in all aspects
    • Not added if Chisel is installed, as Chisel already backports concrete Currently disabled, the two mods will overlap. Will be added back later.
  • Observers
    • Full functionality (mostly)
  • Other small features:
    • Magma blocks burn infinitely (suggested by RyanKoopa)
    • Smelting down armor/additional fuel items
  • All of the above features can be enabled/disabled using the config file.

You can see any currently known bugs, issues, or inconsistencies with Vanilla on the Issues page.


  • Elytra firework boosting
  • 1.12 Note Block sounds
  • Totem of Undying? (would need work on obtaining, as Woodland Mansions don't exist)
  • Gamerules doWeatherCycle (definitely)/maxEntityCramming (maybe)
  • Additional spawn eggs from 1.11 
  • Creative toolbar saving?
  • Dyeable beds? (highly unlikely, but possible)
  • Any really good suggestions
    • Changes to shield damage absorption (suggested by Frantiq)
    • Sweeping Edge/Curse of Binding/Curse of Vanishing (suggested by MinerRuler)

Features on the Todo may or may not be added eventually; due to changes in the code from 1.10 to newer versions, such changes might not be as simple as they seem, so they may take a long time to implement or even be entirely implausible.


  • You may use this in your modpacks as long as at least one of the following is true:
    1. The modpack is on Curse.
    2. You link to the mod from your pack page.
    3. You ask my permission.
    4. The modpack is for private use only
  • You may not redistribute this mod, either in it's compiled form or by decompiling the original source, without my permission. The only exception to this rule is as part of a modpack, which must adhere to the above rules.
  • Videos, mod spotlights, or Youtube series featuring this mod, monetized or not, are more than welcome - in fact, if you send me your mod spotlight, it's fairly likely you'll be featured here.


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