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Made for Spookyjam 2021!




In the darkest of woods, from Taigas to Giant Spruce Forests to the shade of Roofed Forest, one may find the border between this world and the next, -and what lies between them- is especially weak. Aylyth lurks at the threshold of this world and the beyond, and of life and death. A realm of forgotten mystery, mystique, and menace. Aylyth itself appears as a giant, endless forest of foggy autumnal colours and towering trees, and most significantly, the insidious Ympe Trees. The longer a living souls stays in Aylyth, the harder it is for it to let you go. Though one may find potentially invaluable things in Aylyth, but everything comes at a cost. In addition, one may spot hazy forms in the fog... some may help, but most are vicious and alien. Can you escape Aylyth, or will you go to the trees as well?




To enter: Aylyth can be entered in a few ways, but the least painful way would be with the help of a Seep. Seeps occur along the trunks of trees in densely forested biomes, and resemble a portal. If you enter it, you will find yourself in the Wood.



Different means of entering the realm exist also, most involving dying in unusual ways in the aforementioned biomes, such as due to falling, drowning, or at the hands of a Witch. Having been to Aylyth once and acquiring an Aylythian Heart, and holding it in your hand or offhand when killed, will cause you to spawn in Aylyth, your belongings still with you.



To leave: one must find either another Seep when in the realm, and pass though that, or find a Pilot Light, will-o-wisp like beings that come in 2 colours, yellow and blue. Right-clicking on them while having at least 5 XP levels will send one back to the Wake.




Cybercat5555: Creator, concept, modeler, texturer

MoriyaShiine: Programmer

Aelpecyem: Programmer

MrSterner: Programmer

Ratatosk/Dhyces: Programmer

Voddak: Animator

ChumasY: Animator

Snare's Work: Sounds

Assasingus14: Sounds

Arathain: Original Bonefly, Soul Mould (Ympe Mould), Soultrap Effigy (Ympe Effigy), Glaive 



Q: What version is Aylyth for?

A: Aylyth is currently for Fabric 1.19.2


Q: Will you backport to 1.16.5/earlier/port to Forge?

A: No and no


Q: Can I port the mod to an earlier version/to Forge?

A: No


Q: What is required to run Aylyth?

A: Aylyth requires Fabric 1.19.2, Fabric API, and Geckolib


Q: Can I use Aylyth in a showcase/let's play?

A: Go ahead! Shoot us a link if so!


Q: Can I use Aylyth in a modpack?

A: Depends. Aylyth can be freely added to packs that are to be hosted on Curseforge, but we strongly disapprove of Technic, as it does not give the creators of the mods proper credit.


Q: What inspired Aylyth?

A: Aylyth originally came to me as I was walking under trees in gloomy mid-September 2020. Originally Aylyth was planned to be made for Spookyjam 2020, but I went with another project so Aylyth had to be put aside, and not a single asset was made for it due to this. Aylyth is also inspired largely by Over the Garden Wall, alongside Dante's Inferno, Sir Orfeo, H P Lovecraft (just the general vibe, rather than a given story), with minor influence from Stranger Things and forest-based horror, such as The Ritual and Annihilation. 


Q: Help I'm being taken over by branches, what do I do?

A: Ympe Branches will passively take over players who spend too much time in the realm, and they will eventually kill you. They can be subsided by consuming Ympe Fruit, or from simply exiting the realm.


Second place winner, and winner of "Originality"!


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