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Avaritiaddons is my attempt to improve some aspects of Minecraft, and Avaritia, by Bringing a Dire Autocrafting Table


currently, it has five blocks:

Dire Autocrafting Table, it Crafts Dire Crafting Recipes for you.

Compressed Chest, it has 9x the inventory space of a regular chest. and it keeps the inventory when broken.

Infinity Chest, the same inventory space of the Compressed Chest, but with capacity of 2,147,483,647 Items per slot (the same of a DSU).

Infinity Compressor (1.12.2 only), it is basically the same as a Neutronium Compressor, except it is as fast as you can put items on it.
Note:it can only be used through Input/Output automation.

Infinity Glass (1.12.2 only).


also, this mod has a config that allow the removal of any item from the Infinity Catalyst recipe.


the amazing ShepherdShang made a spotlight of Avaritiaddons!