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Maple Forest

A colorful biome with maple trees and huge mushrooms

Pumpkin Fields

An autumnal biome with pumpkins dotting the landscape

A Snail

These critters spawn in maple forests and pumpkin fields. They are shy and will retreat to their shells when approached

Some Turkeys

Turkeys are similar to chickens, but their meat is placeable like cake. Unlike chickens, they do not take kindly to being punched

Snail Slime

Feeding a snail mushrooms or fungi will make it produce a trail of slime. Snail slime can be used for a block and a potion

Snail Shell Stuff

Snails can be bred with mushroom stew. When a baby snail grows up, it drops a snail shell piece. Shell pieces can be used to craft blocks and a special chestplate

Foul Berries

These berries taste horrible, which makes the next food you eat taste better than usual. Despite their taste, turkeys love them

New Pumpkins

Jack o' lanterns can now be crafted with different torches for more variety in Halloween builds!