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Version 2.X.X

For older versions of the mod check the wiki.

This mod restarts the Minecraft server by itself or with an external restart script.
The mod can only be used on the server side and won't work on the client side.


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Supported Versions Image
Minecraft versions, for which the mod is not released, are not supported.
You can find a text version here.


- Restarting the server at specified times
- Restarting the server with a delay, if it is empty
- Restarting the server, if the tps are below a specified level for a specified time

Server Config

The config file can be found in the "serverconfig" folder in the "world" folder and is named "auto_restart-server.toml". The name of the world folder is set for servers in the "server.properties" file.

- restart
  Options for restarting:
  - use_external_restart_script
    Is the server started by an external restart script?
  - restart_command
    Command that is executed on Server stopped to restart the server. Only called if "use_external_restart_script" is false.
- auto_restart
  Option for auto restarting:
  - enabled
    Should the Server do automatic restarts?
  - times
    Times in 24-hour format on which the server will automatically restart.
    Examples: "14:00", "16:32"
  - on_crash
    Should the server be automatically restarted when it crashes.
  - warning_times
    Times before an auto restart of the server, a restart warning should be shown.
      - 5s - For a message 5 seconds before a restart
      - 7m - For a message 7 minutes before a restart
      - 2h - For a message 2 hours before a restart
- on_empty_restart
  Options for restart, if the server is empty:
  - enabled
    Should the server restart, if no players are online?
  - delay
    Delay after the server should restart, if it is empty.
      - 5s - For a delay 5 seconds
      - 7m - For a delay 7 minutes
      - 2h - For a delay 2 hours
- low_tps_restart
  Options for restart, if the tps of server or its dimensions are low:
  - enabled
    Should the server restart, if it is below a tps level for a specified time?
  - minium_tps_level
    TPS level below which the server is restarted, if it lasts for the specified time.
  - delay
    Delay, that the server must be below the defined TPS level, in order for it to be restarted.
      - 5s - For a delay 5 seconds
      - 7m - For a delay 7 minutes
      - 2h - For a delay 2 hours


- /restart
  Restarts the server

How to set up the mod?

To use the mod, one or more shell (sh or Linux) or batch (bat or cmd on Windows) scripts/files are needed.
To set up everything to use this mod, please check the Setup Guide.


Thanks for the logo to Muse31.
You can use this mod in non-commercial modpacks without asking.
You can find more mods from me here.

This is a Forge mod only. There will be no Fabric version. It will not be backported.