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Minecraft uses an attribute system to handle many entity properties like max health, movement speed, and attack damage. While this system is very flexible Mojang has artifically limited many of these properties. This mod addresses this issue by significantly raising these limits to a reasonable range. You can learn more about the mod and how to configure it here.


How do I change the attributes of a player or mob?

This mod only modifies the system itself. It does not change any individual mob or a type of mobs attributes. Vanilla offers many ways for you to modify attribute values and there are countless mods that can make that more convenient. This mod is only concerned with lifting limitations on the system itself.


Why does higher armor not block more damage?

The limit of an attribute is not the same as a limit on a vanilla system or formula that uses the attribute. The vanilla damage formula maxes armor out at around 25, despite the vanilla limit being 30. The armor bar on the HUD is similarly limited, vanilla lets you have 30 armor but the HUD will only show up to 20 points. Changing the damage formula would require re-balancing the game in a way that is out of scope for this mod. You can find other mods online that will change the armor formula or update the HUD. These mods often require AttributeFix and a dependency to achieve this.


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