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AtomicStryker's BattleTowers


Changes from Kodaichi's original, maintained by freakstritch

- Completely rewritten Tower Spawning to properly work in most cases
- There is more Types of Towers now
- multiple spawn depending on their underground (eg Sand, Ice, Water)
- Battle Towers now have actual staircases
- Adjusted Items and Blocks in Chests
- rewritten Golem Combat:
- Golem is much slower, you can actually avoid him on the tower now
- Golem Apocalypse Stomp will trigger if you hide in the Staircase
- Golem also shoots Fireballs
- ported to FML

- upon beating a Tower's Golem, the tower will start to crumble. A little while later it will start to collapse!


The Future / ideas:

- change the Nether tower to not have a golem, but a nether portal
- towers you start on top and go underground?

For installation instructions see my site


for mc versions 1.16+ see this project instead: