Atomic Science

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Atomic science is a tech mod focused on nuclear physics. Featuring a mixture of reactors, processing systems, and useful machines. The main goal of the mod is to create a realistic system while building enjoyable gameplay. 

Feature List

  • Radiation exposure mechanics
  • Thermal & Environmental effect mechanics
  • Radioactive material map
  • Steam collector & turbines blocks
  • Fission reactor blocks
  • Fusion reactor blocks [WIP]
  • Particle acceleration blocks [WIP]
  • Fuel processing machines
  • Radioactive waste recovery mechanics
  • Fuel rods & items
  • Protective armor

Radiation System

Atomic science is built with a strong radiation system mirroring real life mechanics. This offers a dynamic of gameplay options and interesting interaction in the mod. 

The system works by tracking radioactive material and sources in the map. Based on the sources it will build up a map of radiation per block. This value decays over distance and can be blocked by walls. Allowing for environment based interaction and protective systems to be used. 

Radioactive Material

Atomic science features a well-rounded material system to track radiation. This system allows radioactive material to be placed anywhere on the map. This includes blocks, items, and entities based on interaction with the environment.  


Unlike other mods, atomic science focuses on free-build reactor designs. Each block has its own purpose and place in the reactor. This allows a player to build their reactor in any way. What makes the reactors unique is that no multi-block is involved in the process. This means the reactor is not just one large machine but a series of small systems. Each system interacts with the next system and builds behavior that can be used.

Thermal System

To better support creative building reactors do not directly affect the environment. Instead, heat is released via the thermal system into the world. This allows the reactors to be programs in a very simple nature. Without the need to check all blocks in an area nor to understand the environment.  

The bonus to this is that heat can be cached to reduce CPU usage. As well that heat can be transferred through the environment in a thread way to reduce lag. All while ensuring that the environment generates effects such as melting blocks, steam, and other cool mechanics.  

Steam System

With the thermal system any heat source can generate steam. All that is required is that water is heated to a set energy level. Once this is done steam will slowly generate to be collected. This means that any mod can interact with the system. As well use the steam to power machines that support the fluid. This includes mods like Railcraft, Thermal Expansion, IC2, and Greg Tech. In addition to this the mod provides turbines to directly convert the steam to power.


Tutorial Videos

Outputting fluids with wrench

Basic Reactor Setup

Modpack Policy 

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Q: Radiation system? Can I use this for my post-apocalypse world?

A: Yes, but its not recommended due to memory and file size issues. 


Q: Does the map system use extra memory?

A: Yes, but its very very low and normally will not cause effects. As the radioactive material is localized in most cases. Which means that only a few chunks of data will exist. Most servers should only see a 100MB increase in ram and a small increase in save file size. To better help with this radioactive material does decay over time.


Q: Is this the same Atomic Science made by calclavia?

A: Yes, this is a direct continuation of the mod. Though it will not stay a 1:1 port and will be expanded with fresh content.


Q: Do you have permission to continue the mod?

A: BBM received rights to continue all mods by Calclavia. Why? We use to work on the orginal mod with calclavia before he quit. Much of the 1.6.4 rewrite and eventual port to Resonant induction was conducted by members of our team.


Q: Why revive the mod?

A: Why not? The plan has always been to continue the mod. Sadly due to the collapse of the UE team it got abandoned for a long time.


Q: Nuclear Physics is a continuation of the mod?

A: Sorta, its based on the original mod but is not the official mod. We have talked to them and are happy to see people make mods featuring the same concepts. 


Q: Will you update to <insert minecraft version>

A: Maybe, the mod will be developed for the version it is released for at the moment. Any additional versions will be selected if time allows.


Q: Will you backport to older versions?

A: No, unless there is an extremely high demand its not going to happen. This is due to the time limits our team has at the moment. If we get more members we might consider supporting more versions.



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