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This mod adds an ocean dimension to Minecraft with colored seashell, translucent colored pearls, shipwreck with treasure chest full of gold and aquamarine ore, and more.


Atlantis ReTexture: Texture pack is out now get it here --> Atlantis ReTexture

Endless Ocean: Adventure is a partner of this mod and goes well with it try it out today.
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THANK YOU to LudoCrypt for the Music - panbee!!!

Go enjoy more music here - https://ludocrypt.bandcamp.com/music 


Yes, you can use this mod in any modpack. 

there is a that has been added called the Atlantean Font to use do /tellraw @a {"text":"message here!","font":"atlantis:atlantean_font"}
hope you enjoy it :D


Current Version Support - Anything else is unsupported!
Main Versions

Side Versions



To get to the new dimension you need to kill the 3 elder guardians at the ocean monument when the last one dies a portal block will spawn right-click to go to the dimension. Before 1.5.0-1.17!!!

You now can construct the new Atlantean portal, the new Atlantean portal is made like a regular nether portal but with the Atlantean core and like the Aether portal requires water to active!!! After 1.3.0-1.17!!!

A new way to the dimension has been added for those who don't want to find an ocean biome, right click the Orb of Atlantis. This summons a portal where right clicked!!!


When in the dimension you will have permanent water breathing, haste, and night vision. 


If you spot a fountain-like structure look under the concrete for aquamarine ore and lapis blocks.


Ore Dictionary is used with this mod!


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All textures and models are all rights reserved (the license of this is on GitHub (source page).

The code for this mod is under LGPL v3 as shown on this page it is also on GitHub (source page).

Video Showcases :D


1.19.2 showcases

1.16.5 showcases