Astral Sorcery

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Filename astralsorcery-1.3.2-beta.jar
Uploaded by HellFirePvP
Uploaded Apr 17, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 11.82 MB
Downloads 12,157
MD5 1b331f53f7e251c12c76d688f0a23613
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions
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Java 8



 - Chunk versioning got moved from its own handling & file to be integrated into each chunk's data individually. Config option to disable that got removed. Retrogen can now be done even if the chunk doesn't/didn't have a version before. The old file is still used for lookups in case the chunk doesn't have a version stored, so don't delete it.

 - Worldgen got smarter for structures: the further away the last generated structure is, the more likely it is that the worldgen creates another one. Thresholds for that distance can be found in each structure's config entry. However, this does add to worldgen duration! (I don't have benchmarks on big worlds, so... uh. :/) Can be disabled in the config file in the 'worldgen' section.

 - grinding crystals & tools changed

 - liquid starlight 'production' for all inputs other than aquamarine got buffed significantly

 - altar doesn't check anymore if blocks are being placed too close to it. However, now it allows for any blocks so.. that'll change a bit, yet again, next version.


(Yes this is a re-upload. The previous upload contained a bug.. :| sorry for the inconvenience)