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Artisan's Tabs, a mod designed to give the Creative menu of Minecraft extra functionality by allowing users to add and remove Creative tabs as they wish to. Don't particularly like the way the Creative menu is organized? Reorganize it yourself by creating custom creative tabs with your own personalized look and feel.


Aside from reorganizing the Creative menu the way you wish, this mod could also be utilized to create creative tabs with blocks and items for a particular build palette you may be using for a particular build. No longer must you have your inventory filled up with blocks, or have the blocks sprawled out on the ground for later use. Simply just create a creative tab with those blocks and items and access them when ever you want at any time and any place. This allows for universal presets as well so you may hop from a single player world to a server and have access to the same build palette as long as you have access to the creative menu.


Tab Packs:


The mod allows the user to edit their creative menu via resource packs. It utilizes JSON files packaged with in a resource pack in order to tell Minecraft to display the user created creative tab in the Creative menu. These specific resources/resource packs are something I like to call a Tab Pack because it is a bundled package of hot-swappable creative tabs that can be accessed via the resource pack menu. Tab Packs can be apart of existing resource packs that change the textures of in game blocks, items, mobs, etc. but can also be loaded as individual resources simply by zipping up the necessary files.

More about how to create Tab Packs can be found here at the mod's official wiki.

The mod also provides a set of useful commands that make making Tab Packs easier, as well as providing an in game configurator to visually construct Tab Packs (COMING SOON). Currently tabs can be made with a set of commands provided by the mod. Use /inbt help in game to find more. Check the wiki as well in order to get a detailed explanation of how to use the mod.


Tab Pack Feature and Functionality:


As stated, Tab Packs provide the resources needed for the mod to load in customized creative tabs to be displayed in the creative menu. What can you do with Tab Packs though?



  • Create multiple creative tabs with one tab pack
  • Create custom creative tabs with custom inventories
  • Custom creative tabs can include modded items
  • Customize creative tabs by assigning custom names to custom tabs
  • Customize creative tabs by giving them an item icon of your choice (this includes modded items)
  • Customize creative tabs by giving them a custom background image
  • Customized creative tabs can include special NBT items as well as modded items
  • Allows for any sort of organization of the tab inventory

Since Tab Packs come in the form of resource packs, it makes it easy for Tab Pack creators to share custom creative inventories with their friends, and/or with the internet.


Note: It is highly recommended to check the wiki of the mod to get fully detailed explanations about features of the mod.


Planned Features/Todo:


You can find a list of all what is planned for the future of the mod over here.


Important Links:


  • The official wiki for this mod can be found here.
  • A tutorial for how to make Tab Packs can be found here.
  • Downloads for the mod can be found here.
  • Mod author supported Tab Packs can be found here.
  • Found a bug? Report it here.


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