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Artemis' Flower Pots is the first of many mods I am planning to create.

This mods main topic are flower pots, as the name already suspects.
I aim at providing many alternatives of flower pots which can be altered using all new gardening tools.
In the near future, there will also be support for other mods to create even bigger variety in flowers and plants that can be used to decorate your projects.

Caution: This mod might need more ram than others. If the game does not load correctly, or it takes forever to finish, try allocating between 12 and 16Gb of ram to your game, by changing your settings in the Curseforge Launcher. That should result in much quicker loading times when starting the game.






Different Kinds of Flower Pots

Right now, this mod adds small and large flower pots. Each with their own taller version.

These can be used similarly as vanilla flower pots, but they can be further altered.


Gardening Shovel

Using the gardening shovel, you can change the type of soil that's used in the flower pot.
Use rightclick to cycle between all available variants. These range from normal dirt or grass to mud or even soul sand.

You can truly make every flower pot look unique and blend them in more.
Certain plants already come with a changed appearance. For example, when placing a wither rose inside a flower pot,

soul sand will be used as soil instead of dirt. That also applies to cactus, bamboo, mushrooms and many more.

You can find examples under images


Gardening Shears

To change the appearence of the plant itself, you simply rightclick with the gardening shears.
You will cycle between every available variant similarly to using the gardening shovel.

You can also find examples for this under images 






There is also a community Discord.

Feel free to join and take part in the "Intelligence" community.

Projects of us include for example Advanced Peripherals.






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