Ars Nouveau

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Filename ars_nouveau-1.18.1-2.0.2.jar
Uploaded by baileyholl2
Uploaded Jan 2, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +1
Size 3.80 MB
Downloads 23,392
MD5 507ee431005d003660badf37a856181d
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Adds Abjuration, Conjuration, Manipulation, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air Essence items, created in the Imbuement Chamber

Adds Dowsing Rod, grants Scrying for Budding Amethyst and Magic Find, an effect that causes magical entities to glow within 75 blocks

Removed Strength and Shield glyphs.

Removes Regeneration from Heal glyph, readds heal and aquatic recipes

Fixes invisible arcane core item

New book and JEI rendering for apparatus and imbuement recipes

Fixes hopper automation for Imbuement Chamber

Removes Glyphs from item recipes, replaced with Essences

Adds Abjuration Essence + water to Awkward Potion

Adds bucket + Water Essence to Water Bucket

Adds Fire Essence as a Blaze Powder replacement for Fire Charges


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