Ars Creo is an addon for Ars Nouveau and Create!


Ars Creo currently adds the following blocks and behaviors:

  • Starbuncle Wheel - Generates SU from pure starbuncle energy!
  • Spell Turrets can be used on Create Contraptions
  • Timer Turrets - Fire on an interval on a contraption
  • Basic Spell Turret - Fire when interacted with on a contraption
  • Enhanced Spell Turret - Fire per new block position
  • Source Jars - can be part of a contraption and used by other turrets


Additional content is planned, including integrations with Ars Nouveau summons, additional Ars Nouveau block support on contraptions, and more!



This mod requires Ars Nouveau, Create, and those mods dependencies. 


For questions, support, or feature requests, join the Ars Nouveau discord!