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 If you've ever attempted to shoot a long range target with a bow and arrow, you'll know that it's difficult to see if your arrows are landing anywhere near the target. Wouldn't it be convenient if there was a way for you to see exactly where your arrows are landing and adjust your aim accordingly? If only there was a mod that somehow let you follow your arrows as you fire them, increasing your accuracy dramatically...

Introducing the Arrow Cam Mod:

A revolutionary piece of software that will forever change how you use your bow and arrow. This mod adds a feature that allows your point of view to follow arrows that you fire and to see exactly where they land and how much damage they inflict. This point of view has been used countless times in films and video games, and it's about time that Minecraft was able to share in its glory. It's a truly remarkable way of increasing your accuracy and adding a few cinematic elements to your Minecraft experience. In order to activate this stunning point of view, all you have to do is crouch while firing an arrow.

How is this possible?

It's simple really. The mod will detect when you fire an arrow, and if you are crouching then it will send a camera entity after the arrow until that arrow either gets stuck or you stop crouching, then the camera will return back to you. If you're interested in seeing how I achieved this, you can check out my somewhat-documented source code here: github.com/jasonpaulos/ArrowCamMod.

Need a demonstration?

Check out this video showcasing an older version of the mod by PopularMMOs:


Does it work in multiplayer?

Despite the mod being client only, yes, it does work in multiplayer also. It might just be me, but I noticed that the arrows were actually more stable when using this mod on a multiplayer server than in singleplayer.

How do I install this mod?

I'm glad you asked! Installing the Arrow Cam Mod couldn't be simpler (well, speaking in relative terms). Here's the installation instructions:

  1. Firstly, you must understand that this is a client only mod. You must only install it on your Minecraft client, and never on a server. Running it on a server will cause undefined behavior.
  2. Install Minecraft Forge, which can be downloaded here: files.minecraftforge.net/.
  3. Download the mod (the link can be found in the top right corner) and place it in your .minecraft/mods/ folder that should be generated after installing Minecraft Forge.
This mod caused my game to crash.

Hopefully this will never happen, but it does sometimes.

  • If your game crashes on startup, try removing it from the mods folder and restarting Minecraft. If the game still crashes, that means you installed Forge incorrectly and this mod didn't cause the crash, so try reinstalling Forge or check out the Forge website for more info.
  • If your game crashes while in the Arrow Cam or while firing an arrow, then it's my mod's fault. This is more likely to happen in singleplayer since the integrated server will sometimes disagree with the mod. If this does happen, it's most likely just a fluke and won't happen again, so just restart Minecraft and keep on playing. If it happens frequently, then you should report the crash to me via comment or PM, and, please, please, please, include the crash report! You need to show me the text file in the /minecraft/crash-reports/ folder. If you don't show me that, there's nothing I can do.
What kind of software license is this mod under?

The mod is licensed under the MIT License which you can read here if you're inclined to do so.


If you want to check out the mod on the Minecraft Forums, here's a link to my mod there: minecraftforum.net/topic/1965810-