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This is a very simple mod. It saves and backs up your world, so just in case some other mod corrups your world or a Supercharged Creeper explodes the key infrastructure of your base, you have a backup to restore your world from.

It also adds a way of automatically restoring backups.


  • Scheduled Backups
  • Backups by executing a command
  • Backups on world load
  • Delete old backups
  • A simple way of restoring backups
  • Incremental backups
  • Blacklisting/Whitelisting specific diumensions in backups


The following backup formats are supported by default:

  • zip (Zip archive and compression)
  • tar (Tarball without compression)
  • tar.gz (Tarball with gzip compression)
  • folder (No archive, no compression. Backups will just be stored in a folder)

There is an addon to the backup mod called MoreCompressions available here, that supports some less common backup storage formats.

There is also an addon to the backup mod available here, that supports storing backups in a local git repository therefore having a great advantage regarding file size when using incremental backups.


How do I restore a Backup from the AromaBackup mod?

If you are in Singleplayer, you just need to go to the main menu, click on Singleplayer, select the world to restore a backup from, click the Backups button, select the backup and then click the Restore button. If you are not using incremental backups (singleplayer or multiplayer), you can navigate to the backups folder and unzip the desired backup into a new folder. You can thenreplace that new folder with your world folder. If you are using incremental backups on a server, you need to navigate to your mods folder and run the command java -jar Aromabackup-*.jar to bring up an interactive shell to restore the backup.