Armourer's Workshop

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Filename Armourers-Workshop-1.7.10-0.47.0.jar
Uploaded by RiskyKen
Uploaded Sep 13, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 1.78 MB
Downloads 6,017
MD5 b3b229566c78d836903e1ed925da1e86
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


Build 0.47.0
Added beta access for global library skin uploading.
Likes system.
Skin edit and delete options.
Most liked skins to the home screen.
Allowed setting the skins description.
Added skin update option to the admin panel.
Fixed crash when CNPCS tries to access a blocks camera collision.
Fixed overflow if skin panel is too small to show any skins.
Global library panels sometimes not updating when the window is resized.
Fixed text overflow in the skin upload GUI.
Fixed skin recovery not adding file extensions.
Added missing localisations to the skin info panel.
Fixed text layout in the skin info box.
Fixed some characters not being allowed in file names.
Show the skin uploaders Minecraft face in the global library skin info panel.
Allowed players upload skins to be listed in the global library.
Show message if the users java version is too old for the global library.
Removed meta data from skinning table textures.
Global library skin info panel layout.
Updated skin file version.
Improved skin loading code to help load corrupted skins.
Made global library skin results paged.
Update global library home screen when returning to it.
Update ru_RU lang file. ([\\//972])
Updated global library GUI icons. (Ethan)
Updated skinning table textures. (Thundercat_)
Updated global library like icons. (Ethan)