Armory - Armoring the World

123,662 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 31, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2

Iron Armor

Vanilla Iron processed to Chain Base Armor and worn by the Player

Crafting with the Blacksmiths Anvil

A image of the crafting process of a Cobalt Plate.

The default FirePit UI when it is attempting to heat up ingots.

In this small FirePit five Manyullyn ingots are being heated.

FirePit with Temperature Ledger.

A FirePit can show detailed information on its inner temperature when the Temperature ledger on the left is extended.

Vanilla Armors

Iron and Obsidian are the default materials added by Armory itself. In this picture you can see a full suit of both and a Additional Iron suit upgraded with Obsidian where possible.

Several Armors

The storage Array of a Blacksmith. Armors are stored on BiblioCraft ArmorStands, not included in Armory.

Armors in Item form.

These are the Armory Armor pieces in your inventory


For people interested: A cleaned up testing workshop of Armory.


The Blacksmiths Anvil NEI Crafting Handler

Research for Iron Chains