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Armored Redstone



have you want some buildable riding with Redstone?

and have you want to ride your monstrosity and attack illanger? (Or are you still jealous of illager?)

This Mod that makes something like Megaman X 's ride armor with Redstone!


Default Attack Key is G key

When you want Dush Your Mecha. Press the dash key you set (same as player dash but Has Knockback Attack)


Armor Type(Riding of course):

Piston Armor:
As the name suggests, it knocks out enemies with its pistons.
One of the player's craftable armors

you can repair with right click with iron ingot


Fire Burner:
Use the power of netherrack fire to set it on fire
Requires nether bricks
It can withstand magma, but its durability is a little low.
If the player is not submerged in magma, they can easily move.
This can also be created by the player

you can repair with right click with gold ingot


Soul Fire Burner:
Similar to FireBurner
Unleash soulfire using the fire power of Nether soul sand

you can repair with right click with gold ingot


Monstrosty Armor:
Armor featuring Redstone Monstrosty in Minecraft Dungeons
You can put out hot flames from your arms and put out powerful punches, but it's a little slow(Still not have fire projectile but next update fix it)
Fairly durable(Still not have but next update fix it)
Armor that only Illager can make

you can repair with right click with cobble stones



my Discord is here!:



MajinThorin753: Making Mecha texture!