Armor Underwear Mod

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What This Mod Does

The mod is primarily a utility for the Tough As Nails mod: it lets you add (and remove) special liners to your existing armor -- underwear, for better temperature control. Basically you can add the cooling or heating attributes of TAN's jelled slime and wool armors without giving up any additional protection of your advanced or custom armor. If you've disabled TAN's temperature feature, you don't really need this mod unless you're interested in the some of the specialty liners.

The mod includes a few non-TAN specialty liners that are useful in general; for example there are specialty liners that add a fire/burn shield to your armor and covers (overwear) that add camouflage.

Armor Underwear is designed and tested as a Vanilla++ mod, so whether the method it uses to install liners works on specialized armors (like those created with mods like Construct's Armory or Silent's Gems) depends on how those armors work. Unless these mods have their own custom TAN integration, armor underwear should work OK once you've added their armor names to the mod's configuration.

Mod Requirements

Feature Summary

  • Out-of-the-box the liners work with vanilla armor. You can add any armor you want via the configuration file; examples are included in the initial generated file for you to follow.
  • There is a cooling liner and warming liner for every piece of standard armor: helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots. Each liner adjusts your temperature by 1 like the TAN armor pieces do.  Simple liners can be stacked. A fully lined set of armor can adjust your temperature by 9 points which is twice what the TAN armors do.
  • You can reuse your existing TAN armor as lining.
  • You can un-line your armor using Liner Snips. The snipped liner is returned to you for reuse later.
  • [Optional] Goo Paks are a carry item that lets you add small amounts of cooling or warming for a fixed amount of time. They're like the hand warmers or dampened neck gaiters you might use when going hiking in real life. Disabled by default.
  • [Optional] Armor Underwear includes is trio of specialty liners called "Ozzy," "Ollie," and "Otto" that provide automatic temperature adjustment and protection even under harsh conditions. Disabled by default. If enabled, these items are to be found rarely in loot chests.

The Full User Guide

The mod's wiki has full documentation; use the quick-links below to get more details about crafting and attaching liners and other temperature-regulating items in the mod.


Modpack authors are free to use the Armor Underwear mod's binary distribution as downloaded from CurseForge with no additional permission required.



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