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Armor Stand Swap


Armor Stand Swap

This is an update for Armor Stand Utils as it is no longer receiving updates.

Armor Stand Swap is a simple mod that adds a few useful functions and features to Armor Stands.

It's built for 1.18 and requires the Fabric Loader & Fabric API to run.

Older versions for 1.14.4/1.15/1.16 are available from Armor Stand Utils.


  • The Armor Stand Swap feature allows you to instantly change out your gear with an Armor Stand. Shift-right-click on a stand to swap all your armor & currently equipped items.
  • By Shift-Clicking with a Stick, you can toggle Armor Stand arms. This allows you to place items into the hand slot of the armor stand.
  • You can also Shift-Click with a Stone Slab to toggle the baseplate of an armor stand.
  • Invisible armor stands are exempt from these features due to issues with datapacks using invisible armor stands.

This project is a Fabric mod, and I have no plans on porting it to Forge. If you want to inquire deeper about this, send me a PM. Comments regarding this issue may be ignored.